The Turkish market is one of the world’s leading investment markets
This importance came because of what the Turkish state possesses of components and infrastructure and because of the great facilities provided by the state to foreigners at the level of investment, as it treats foreigners as it treats its citizens.
According to studies conducted in 2020, the number of foreign investors and foreign companies has reached more than 80,000 companies, and this rate is constantly rising
The most important leading investment in Turkey is real estate investment because of its many positives that are in the interest of the investor and return to him profit, bearing in mind that it is a diversified investment, but the percentage of loss is often few
Real estate being a fixed tangible asset that can be owned and not a virtual thing. It is a safe investment that achieves guaranteed profits, whether the investment is in real estate under construction or in ready real estate.
Factors affecting the value of real estate in Turkey:
Economic factors related to the value of the Turkish lira compared to the US dollar
Laws, regulations and legislation related to construction, demolition, rents, licenses, assignment and others
The location of the property- the total area of the property- type of property- age of the property- quality of the property……
The reasons that made Turkey advanced in real estate investment:
1- The support and facilities provided by the Turkish state to investors:
Putting state officials to determine the value of real estate is one of the most beautiful protection for investors from manipulation – Reducing interest on real estate loans with the growth rate of incentives for investments – Naturalization – Legislating laws in favor of investors – Developing the construction sector in Turkey and giving it importance to grow and prosper
2- Turkey’s distinctive climate:
Due to the vastness of its cities and its spread over a wide geographical area, it is surrounded by the Aegean Sea from the west, the Black Sea from the north and the Mediterranean Sea from the south.
In addition to the city of Istanbul, which links the continents of Asia and Europe, all of this gave Turkey a strategic location and earned it a distinctive climate and charming and diverse views.
3- Real estate prices in Turkey:
This is one of the main attractions, and one of the reasons for the success of the real estate market in Turkey, as real estate prices in Turkey are cheap compared to other European countries.
4- Obtaining real estate residency:
It is one of the most important advantages of investment and real estate in Turkey. Once you buy a property in Turkey, you will immediately get the real estate residency, and this residency will enable you to move smoothly and enter and exit Turkey without the need to issue a visa every time.
5- Low taxes:
Certainly when talking about real estate and investments, there will undoubtedly be taxes, but the Turkish state is working hard to reduce the value of taxes to a minimum, and this is a very important step and a strong attraction for everyone who wants to invest in Turkey.
6- Infrastructure in Turkey:
Turkey contains many distinguished service facilities such as schools, universities, hospitals and health centers, all of which provide high-quality services to all auditors, in addition to a strong transportation network spread over great distances and connected to each other, and available by land, sea and air, and these services all reflect the distinguished and comfortable service reality in Turkey This increases the real estate investment balance and the demand for it
7- The political stability of the Turkish state
– In the end, we find that all these services provided by Turkey make it one of the best leading countries in the world of investment and real estate, as it always seeks to attract all investors from all over the world by providing many facilities and features, through which it works to provide all the requirements that the investor may need This attracts a lot and makes the investment and real estate market in Turkey one of the most successful in the region and the world.
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