What are commercial real estate in Turkey?
Real estate is one of the surest and best types of investment in the world as a result of the great development taking place in all fields, which was clearly positively reflected on real estate and its prosperity. Today, Turkish real estate is the focus of everyone’s attention due to the country’s economic and tourism importance at the present time in terms of the influx of millions of tourists annually to Turkey for its beautiful and charming nature. With its beaches, history, landmarks, markets, pleasant climate, important strategic location, and the rush of venture capitalists and investors to carry out successful and promising projects in which they achieve their dreams and bring them abundant profit on Turkish lands.
Turkish real estate is distinguished by its many types, many options, and high-end modern forms and types of real estate                                                         Commercial real estate that is used to do commercial business of all kinds, either for investment or sale and leasing, such as warehouses, warehouses or offices. It is also preferred that commercial real estate enjoy an important location in the city in which it is located, such as near the city center and vital areas, and modern means of transportation are available near it
Real estate prices in Turkey are generally acceptable and unique and compete with European real estate prices, in addition to the quality of the materials used in construction
It is possible to invest in commercial real estate in different fields, such as stores that are widely spread in many areas, commercial offices, health centers, and places of education such as institutes, schools, and various companies.                              What affects the price of the commercial property is its condition. If it is new or in good condition, it has a high price, and if it is old, its price is much cheaper and it is difficult to find someone to invest in it.
Turkish commercial real estate has witnessed a remarkable growth in investor and businessmen’s interest in investing in Turkey, which is also encouraged by the support of the Turkish government in terms of the package of facilities related to commercial real estate and the reduction of taxes, and among the most important decisions to grant Turkish citizenship, all these factors and others have worked to attract many Arab and foreign investors and make Turkey is an opportunity to do large investment projects that earn a lot of profit in a short time.
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