Six of the best family entertainment venues in Istanbul

İstanbul is characterized by the diversity of tourism
İstanbul is one of the most important cities in the World, it’s ranked eighth in the world in terms of tourism. Istanbul is very strategically located between the continents of Asia and Europe, which makes it the go to destination of many Asian, Middle Eastern, and European tourists.

Let’s start with a very special place for the kids:


Istanbul Gaming Museum

It is a children’s toy museum with a large number of games from around the world of approximately 5,000 games located at the Asian end of Istanbul in Kadikoy.


Prince’s Islands

Prince’s Islands consists of 9 small islands that enchant its visitors with landscapes and hotels overlooking the sea. No cars are allowed on the Islands, only mean of transportation is via bicycle and horse carriage.


Vialand Istanbul

Vialand İstanbul is an amusement park located Eyup, Istanbul. Vialand is perfect for families, making it the first choice for Tourist to visit up on arrival in Istanbul. Vialand is one of the biggest amusement parks in Turkey, covering an area of 16 thousand meter square with an estimated cost of 1 billion Turkish Liras. The atmosphere in Vialand takes visitors to a world of magic, fun, and excitement.


Gulhane Park

Gulhane Park is one of the most famous parks in Istanbul, considered one of the largest and oldest in Istanbul and was a private garden for Ottoman princes and sultans. It’s characterized by its beauty, green sceneries, cafes, and playgrounds for visitors



It is one of the largest parks in Istanbul and has different types of animals up to 200 different species making it a great experience for adults and kids.


Istanbul Snow Museum

Snow museum designed entirely by the most skilled sculptors and the museum displays models and figures such as the Vikings with information on the unique Scandinavian culture.

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