Buying Real Estate via installements 
Mostly real estate is bought with cash, but it is also possible to buy in installements.
by this way, those who do not have the full amount could benefit, clients pay in installments, therefore he can own the property with a deferred ownership contract
A first payment of the property price is paid and the amount is completed in installments, and in most cases the installments are paid monthly
 This can be done through an agreement between the seller and the buyer of the property through a real estate broker or directly
 A foreign person can benefit from owning the property in installments, and there is no objection that prohibiting this ownership wherever this property is found or whatever its real estate value.
An agreement is made between the seller and the buyer or the company on the basics of the contract
 Such as the amount due on the first payment, the number of remaining payments, and the period for which the remaining financial payments must be paid by the buyer.
 You must also pay attention to the conditions in the contract before signing it
 Among the step buying a property in installments for foreigners are:
 A formal contract between the seller and the buyer
 Determine the value of the payments, the period of time, and determine the price of the property
 If the property is under construction, it is obligated to deliver the property on its original date and specifications
 The value of the down payment varies according to the company and the real estate offer, and the higher the down payment, the lower the total price
 You can also pay a small amount to reserve the property and fix the price
After the buyer finishes making full payments to the property, ownership is legally transferred from the company to him
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