Real estate sales in Istanbul have increased over the past three years. The Turkish government has amended the laws for foreign to obtain Turkish Citizenship via property purchase. In 2018, of 1.3 million apartments were sold, 40,000 properties were sold to foreigners. Large number of properties were sold for the purpose citizenship. The security situation the region, political and economic instability made many people think of taking another citizenship for a better future


Advantages of being Turkish Passport holder

Entry to 72 countries without visa

Entry to 42 countries via visa upon arrival

Entry to 7 countries on an electronic visa via the Internet

Turkey’s future accession to the European Union will provide great facilities for travel, leisure, and business which gives an added value to holders of Turkish Passport


Buying a property worth $ 250,000

The value of the property or group of properties shall not be less than 250,000 USD

To undertake an oath not to sell the property for a duration of 3 years from the date of purchase

The date of the purchase of the property should be after the amendments on 20-09-2018 to Law No. 5901

Property value evaluation by a committee of specialist assigned by the Turkish Government to ensure that the value of property is 250,000 USD or more


Employment of 50 Turkish citizens

Employment of 50 Turkish citizens with the approval of the ministry of labor and social security

All workers must obtain work permit

The company must be operational for at least 3 years or more

All employees must be insured and employed for at least 3 years or more

The owner of the company must spend majority of his time in Turkey


Bank deposit of 500,000 USD

Deposit is made in a bank operating in Turkey or shares are bought on the stock exchange, banks or Turkish bonds

The amount of deposit is 500,000 USD or the equivalent in Turkish lira. Amount is assessed at the time of deposit

To undertake an oath not to withdraw the amount for a period of 3 years. The investor is entitled to benefit from the bank interest


Investment of 500,000 USD

Investment is made via registered company.

Investment can be made in technology or industry

The company’s capital shall be more than 500,000 USD

The company is assessed by the Ministry of Industry or Technology

Foreigners normally acquire Turkish citizenship via property purchase because of appropriate prices for real estate in Istanbul

Real estate in Istanbul is expected to increase significantly over the next four years

Most of the apartments that have been purchased are located within high end housing complexes with security and amenities


Documents for Turkish citizenship 

Application form

Passport or Identification card

Birth certificate

Criminal record

4 Personal Photos

Marriage contract and family record for family application with children below 18 years of age


Documents required for children under the age of 18 or children with disabilities are

Birth Certificate

Parent’s consent

Marriage contract


Real estate documents

Copy of the Title Deed (TAPU) or “kat irtifaki” if the project is under construction.  Furthermore, the buyer undertakes an oath not to sale of the property for a period of 3 years. In addition, the property must be purchased from a turkish Citizen or from a Turkish construction company

Bank transfer of 250,000 USD from outside Turkey to a bank inside Turkey

Property value evaluation document by a specialist committee appointed by the Turkish government. The property value must be 250,000 USD or more

Copy of touristic residence permit or tourist visa

Receipt of tax payment and copy of tax number


Experts Property Services for Turkish citizenship

Free consultation with a team of experts with a wide knowledge of Turkey’s laws and Turkish citizenship requirements

Selection of real estate projects with Turkish Government guarantee by Turkey’s most renowned real estate construction companies

Documents Preparation and Submission of buyer, spouse and children under the age of 18 to the Office of Naturalization

Assisting and guiding our esteemed clients in a “Step by step” and professional manner. From your arrival at the airport, to choosing your property, to receiving your Turkish Citizenship within 45 days



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