Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey and economic capital of Turkey

The word Istanbul is a Greek Byzantine word which means “in the city”

Istanbul is known by a number of names. The most important of which is “City of Minarets” and City of the Seven Hills”

Istanbul is rich in history, geography, economy, tourism, investment, and real estate. We will review the real state sector in more details in the coming sections


History of Istanbul:

The recent boring of Marmara Tunnel revealed the existence of a colony dating back to seventh millennium BC

Furthermore, recent discoveries in Asian side of Istanbul revealed findings dating back to the Bronze Age

In addition, The Phoenicians established a trade route to Istanbul in 1,000 BC

Istanbul is in rich in history with first record of history dates back to 660 BC

Constantine conquered Istanbul in 324 AD and renamed it Constantinople in 330 AD

Istanbul was conquered by the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh in 1453

Most historians view the conquest of Constantinople by Muhammad al-Fateh as the beginning of the modern era

The capital of Turkey was moved from Istanbul to Ankara in 1923 by founder of Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Istanbul is the only city that was the capital of four empires:-

Roman: 330 AD to 395 AD

Byzantine: 395 AD to 1204 AD and 1261 AD to 1453 AD

Latin: 1204 AD to 1261 AD

Ottoman: 1453 AD to 1922 AD

Istanbul was known by many names such as Byzantium, Constantinople, Astana, and Islambul

Napoleon Bonaparte once said “If the whole world was one country, Istanbul would be its capital”


Climate of Istanbul

Istanbul climate is defined as Mediterranean with fairly cold winters. The average temperature in winter is 5 degrees, spring 16 degrees, autumn 14 degrees, and summer 28 degrees

Rainfall is heavy at a rate of 843 millimeters over 152 days during the winter. Istanbul gets snow for 15 days per year over the winter period

In short, Istanbul weather can be defined as long winter and summer with short spring and autumn


Geography of Istanbul 

Istanbul is the only city in the world that lies in both Asia and Europe

The Asian and European side of Istanbul are separated by the Bosphorus Straits

Istanbul has many rivers and lakes. Most important lakes in Istanbul are Lake Büyükçekmece and Lake Küçükçekmece

The area of Istanbul is 1830 square kilometers and consists of 39 districts

Istanbul is located at 41.016 north of the equator and 28.967 degrees east of Greenwich Line


Economy of Istanbul 

Istanbul has a diverse economy and does not depend on one sector. Each sector contributes to the economy of Istanbul. Istanbul economy makes up 50% of Turkey’s total GDP

Industry Sector

Textiles, leather garments, electronics, glass, metal parts and etc.

Agriculture Sector

Istanbul exports various kinds of fruits, vegetables, olive oil, cotton and etc

Tourism Sector

Istanbul has hundreds of historical, religious, and world famous landmarks

Trade Sector

Istanbul has countless domestic and foreign companies with exports and imports valued at more than 200 billion dollars per year

Real Estate Sector

Istanbul is witnessing a construction boom. Thousands of mega real estate projects have been built and a 1,300,000 apartments were sold in 2018


Landmarks of Istanbul 

To talk about all the monuments and tourist attractions in Istanbul, a single article would not do justice.Here are some of the most well known landmarks:

The Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque)

Topkapi Palace

Dolmabahçe Palace

Hagia Sophia

The Grand Bazaar

Yildiz Palace

Taksim Square and Istiklal Street

Galata Bridge

Al Fateh Grand Mosque

Süleymaniye Mosque

Galata Tower

Bosphorus Strait

Çamlıca Hill

Kiz Kulesi

Princes’ Islands



Obelisk of Theodosius


Education in Istanbul

Istanbul has 25 private and state universities. Furthermore, there are a number of well known international schools in Asian and European side

Healthcare in Istanbul

Istanbul has world class universal healthcare system, famous in the fields of cosmetic, dental, hair transplant, and laser procedures. Furthermore, Istanbul has the largest hospital in Europe and health insurance is compulsory for foreigners living in Turkey

Transportation in Istanbul 

Istanbul has a world class public transportation system consisting of mini buses, buses, metro buses, subways, tramways funiculars, and ferries. Furthermore, more than 500 km of railways and another 500 km will be added by 2022. Istanbul card is a card used to pay for all means of public transport


Transportation outside Istanbul

There are three airports in Istanbul (Ataturk, Sabiha, and Istanbul Third Airport)

Istanbul is easily accessible by ferries, ships, trains, cars or buses


Culture & Arts in Istanbul 

Istanbul has hundreds of libraries, museums, galleries, cinemas, theaters, and opera houses spread all over the city

Istanbul is the preferred shooting location for highly popular and world famous Turkish series and soap operas


Shopping in Istanbul

Istanbul has many marvelous bazaars and shopping malls.

The grand bazaar is the most famous bazaar in Istanbul with an average daily visitors of half a million. Over one hundred thousands workers are employed in the Grand Bazaar and the price of owning a shop in this market is the most expensive in the world.

There are hundreds of shopping malls in Istanbul such as the Mall of Istanbul, Cevahir Mall, Istanbul Valley Mall and etc. Another great shopping location is Istiklal Street and Nişantaşı.


Restaurants & Cafes in Istanbul 

Istanbul is home to world renewed chefs such as Chef Burak and Nusret

Restaurants in Istanbul are diverse, ranging from local, fast food, American, European, Arabic, Chinese, and Indian

Turkish cuisine, especially in Istanbul is famous for its grills, seafood, and doner kebab

Istanbul has thousands of cafes, perfect to unwind, chill and enjoy the spectacular views


Real Estate in Istanbul 

Istanbul has become the go to destination for anyone looking to start a new life or looking for vacation homes or for real estate investment.

In 2018, Foreign purchase of real state in Turkey stood at 40,000 apartments, of which about 15,000 were in Istanbul

Arab nationals are the biggest investors is Turkey’s real estate. Iraqi’s top the list in real estate investment in Istanbul, followed by Iranians, Russians, Saudis, Kuwaitis, Germans, and then British.

The Turkish Government has made it easy for foreign investor to purchase real estate. Furthermore, almost all nationalities are able to purchase property in Turkey following the repeal of the reciprocity law. In addition, the Turkish Government has repealed the 8% VAT on property sales to attract more foreigners investors

Foreigner investors are able to purchase apartments by installments, just like any Turkish citizen. Furthermore, He, his spouse, and kids would receive real estate residence permit

Foreign investors are able to obtain Turkish Citizenship by purchasing property, or number of properties worth 250,000 USD or more


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