Before we talk about Basın Express real estate projects, Let us run through the importance of Basın Express

Basın Express

Basın Express is a highway that links notable Istanbul districts, such as Bağcılar, küçükçekmeçe, and Başakşehir. Furthermore, links Ataturk Airport and Istanbul Third Airport. As well as TEM and E5 highways. In addition, real estate projects on Basın Express are minutes away from public transport such as Subways, Buses, Tramways, and etc. New metro lines are being built in and around Basın Express.

In terms of roads and highways, Basın Express is the heartbeat of Istanbul.

Nicknamed “Second Levent” after the well known Istanbul district, Levent.

Many of Istanbul’s must see places are located on Basın Express. Such as Mall of Istanbul (Largest mall in Europe and Turkey), the famous Mall 212, Vialand theme park, and etc.

5 star hotels such as Rotana and Radisson Blu are located on Basın Express. As well as Hospitals, Universities, International schools, and Banks.

Real Estate Investment Projects on Basın Express

Majority of real estate projects on Basın Express are perfect for investment and living.

Living on Basın Express is the number one choice for foreign students. Furthermore, thousands of firms from all sectors are located on Basın Express. Thus, investing in offices and home offices is highly profitable for years to come.

Basın Express is located near Istanbul Third Airport, making it the perfect choice for lodging to flight stewards, pilots, and passengers in transit.

In conclusion, Basın Express is the ideal choice for real estate investors with an expected increase in real estate by 40% over the next 4 years.

Basın Express Real Estate Investment Projects from Experts Property

At Experts Property, we offer our clients only the best real estate projects on Basın Express. Some are ready to move in and some are under construction with Turkish government guarantee.

Please do contact us to receive to latest real estate projects on Basın Express.


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